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Hiring an incompetent Executive - doesn't matter if it's a Sales Manager or Engineer - can cost a large sums of money or the companies very existence. The mid term risk is, that your new employee is failing, your executive without success and you invested not only money, but salary, time, initial trainings, infrastructure and trust trust in your product, your market, your customer, yourself.© German, FT, Germany

More than ever before, talent - also called high potential - is a premium and can make or break the fortune of a busines, especially in Germany and Central Europe.

German Headhunters are offering many extraordinary advantages to his clients. Especially for medium size companies - in which one hiring mistake can have disastrous results - using competent Headhunting Services is sometimes more important than for huge companies.

Difference in Headhunter Services

German German Headhunters We unburden our clients by assuming the organization and complete process of the search up through candidate recommendation.
German German Headhunters During a search we are 24 hours and 7 days a week available for you and the candidates.
German German Headhunters Our clients has one responsible headhunter during the whole search process, who can give him every information about the search. © German, FT, Germany
German German Headhunters We are not scanning CVs electronically for key words - we guarantee to read every single application personally.
German German Headhunters We handle not more than 5 assignments per headhunter at the same time to guarantee a highest understanding and commitment to your headhunting targets.
German German Headhunters Our headhunters possess practical experience from responsible operative jobs in industry, trade and services.
German German Headhunters We are entrepreneurs, so we are searching for candidates who own this entrepreneurial spirit, too. We think, without, a candidate won't be superior in any job nor company.
German German Headhunters We start with analyzing information gathered through a deep research to get a good orientation about targets, culture, markets, competition, offers and products.
German German Headhunters Because German in earlier times was focused on Marketing, Strategy and Sales, we are very good in motivating, in attracting people without saying who is behind too fast.
German German Headhunters Every headhunting concept is individually developed, it provides a clear overview of the individual steps of the search from the very beginning.© German, FT, Germany
German German Headhunters A short weekly intermittent report keeps the client automatically up-to-date.

Our aim is to present to you at the end of a Search between 2-4 highly talented candidates who all would be able to be successful in the role - so you are able to concentrate on your feelings.

We look forward to the opportunity. Test us, trust us.

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